V3 architects kicked off as a small scale family – run architectural practice back at 1970.

Founded by Arch-Eng Denis Vlachopoulos the practice initially undertook private house commissions. Gradually the focus expanded towards commercial business projects mostly regarding the fulfillment of the then emerging banking market needs. Soon enough the practice took off by undertaking complex, engaging and multidisciplinary projects.

Today, celebrating over 40 years of ongoing operation, V3 Architects has evolved into becoming a contemporary architectural practice that offers top notch services that cover all delicate aspects of today’s demanding projects.

Be it leading, intelligent, innovative building design, structural analysis, state of the art electromechanical implementations, landscape, furniture or brand name design, V3 Architects delivers design products that meet our clients highest standards.


V3 Architects in general undertakes public and private commissions providing services that cover a wide spectrum of core architectural and architecture related services.

Since 1970 V3 Architects has accumulated vast experience executing projects in various fields, most notably:

  • Residential
  • Business-Office Space oriented
  • Retail
  • Cultural
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Industrial

Refer to the  PROJECTS  page of our website in order to obtain more info on the above.

Our People:

The quality of performance of our people has always been the cornerstone of our success. We expect nothing shorter than brilliance from anyone working under the v3 philosophy. We have set the bar far high both for ourselves as for the people that work with or under us. We would have it no other way. Neither should you…..Read more…