“A distinguished project of ours, a 1st place win on a private competition regarding the complete design of an 8.000sqm housing, cultural, retail and office space complex in the Votanikos vicinity (downtown Athens) near the future to have been Panathinaikos football stadium. The complex is set on the plot of an well known old (now demolished) vienesse style wooden furniture factory branded “Gorgiades & Sekeris S.A.”
The only standing structure from the old factory (the head officer house) is to be reused as a cultural center to best serve the now worn out neighborhood. Volume is set in such a manner so as to follow and indicate the long nowadays demolished factory stuctures in the lower three levels (retail, cultural, office space use) whilst rising up from then on the housing volume is set to faintly imply wooden pilled raw material.
This upper volume also acts as a visual barrier, forming a protective cocoon and a scale bridge between the central cultural center (the head officer house) and the rest of the city’s built environment.”

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